Water Treatment

Water Treatment

For over 30 years Spring Brook has been providing solutions for many types of water treatment needs. We understand the importance of clean drinking water for your family. Calcium and iron can create problems within the plumbing along with buildup and stains on appliances, fixtures, plates, glasses, and silverware. Taste and odor problems, when diagnosed correctly can in many cases be treated with proper equipment from one of our trusted manufacturers. Our testing lab will analyze every sample of water that is brought into our facility in order to size and select the best equipment required to produce clean water. After installation home owners are welcome to bring in a sample at any time to monitor and ensure their water treatment equipment is functioning correctly.

Water Softener Salt

When it comes to minimizing problems and extending the average life of your water softener it’s crucial that you start with top-quality salt. For over 30 years we have sold the Cargill Pro’s Pick Dura-Cube salt. With a purity of over 99%, you can be assured your water softener will operate efficiently and trouble-free. For more information click on the Cargill link

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