Residential & Commercial Water Softeners

Spring Brook Supply offers a wide range of water treatment products. From residential and commercial water softening to rust prevention systems, Spring Brook Supply will match the proper water treatment products to your application. For more information on products that we carry please contact us.


Sanitizer Series
Spring Brook Supply offers a full line of water treatment equipment ranging from small residential water softeners to large commercial water treatment applications.  We are able to treat high hardness, high iron, raise pH and remove hydrogen sulfide with the Sanitizer series conditioner.  The Sanitizer utilizes Zeolite, a Chlorine Generator (which makes chlorine) and Min Plus to treat problem waters.

Residential Water Treatment Systems

Water-Right manufactures and sells one of the broadest lines of residential water treatment products available today. From whole-house solutions to point-of-use systems, we have the technology and expertise to solve almost any problem water challenge.

Which solution is right for your household? Take a look at these residential products. You’ll learn more about our unique medias and patented solutions. Then contact one of our factory-trained dealers who can help test your water and specify the ideal product for your specific situation.

Water Softners
Filtration/Iron Removal
Drinking Water Systems
Other Products and Services

The Sanitizer Series
A self-sanitizing system that does more in a single pass, including removal of hardness, iron and manganese also adjusts pH, and kills iron bacteria with every regeneration.

Three unique models designed to handle a wide variety of hard water problems … for any household need.

Filtration Systems
Used in combination with other Water-Right systems to treat individual, and extreme problem water, such as acidic water, chlorine, iron, sulfur, unpleasant tastes and odors, and more.

Drinking Water Systems
Providing the best quality water for drinking and cooking by removal of unwanted contaminants such as nitrates, lead, arsenic, cysts, and more..

Crystal-Right™ Media

A silica crystal media engineered for superior softening, neutralizing and filtering

Crystal-Right silica crystals are a natural choice for today’s water conditioning systems. No other media does so much to condition problem water in a single pass.

Often called “zeolite” crystals, this media comes from a sodium aluminosilicate formula that is produced and processed by Mineral-Right using an exclusive technology. Through its unique crystalline structure, Crystal-Right™ provides superior removal of hardness, iron and manganese, while at the same time, raising pH levels of acidic water.

Unlike round, resin beads, Crystal-Right™ crystals provide better filtration, yet are thoroughly cleaned by backwashing faster than ordinary resins without loss of product. The irregular surface of zeolite crystals provides a far greater capacity for ion exchange than possible with smooth, round resin beads. In addition, Crystal-Right is impervious to chlorine – thus, an ideal media for use with our self-chlorinating, automated sanitizing systems, the Sanitizer™ Series.

Two Types of Crystal-Right Media
Water-Right uses two types of Crystal-Right media, each with slightly different softening characteristics.


CR-100 — A zeolite that provides reduction of hardness, iron, and manganese. In addition, CR-100 raises the pH value of acidic waters that tend to be more corrosive than neutral or higher pH waters. Possesses excellent filtering characteristics.

CR-200 CR-200 — A zeolite that provides a greater reduction of hardness than CR-100 and also removes iron and manganese. Also possesses excellent filtering characteristics.

HC Series Water Conditioners .
Ideal For:
• Car washes
• Nursing homes
• Cooling towers
• Hotels/motels

Heavy Commercial
Water-Right’s Heavy Commercial Series water conditioners are engineered to be highly effective in commercial applications requiring 60,000 to 600,000 grains of softening capacity and flow rates to 107 GPM per tank. These systems provide excellent removal of hardness, iron, and manganese, along with pH correction. The HC Series solid brass controller can be expanded to multiple tank configurations for applications requiring continuous soft water or higher flow rates.

Chlorine Regeneration
Chlorine generators are available on most Water-Right commercial water conditioners to provide self-sanitizing operation during each regeneration. This exclusive feature creates free, dissolved chlorine using the system’s brine solution. During backwashing the chlorine serves to eliminate iron and sulfur bacteria that can reside and grow in most media beds. Available only on Crystal-Right™ media systems. Call our commercial application specialists or more details.

• Flow Rates: up to 107 GPM per tank
• Capacity: 600,000 grains of hardness
• 2” top- or side-mount configuration
• Steel of fiberglass construction
• 10-yr. tank warranty

• Mechanical or electronic flow meter
• 7- or 12-day initiated regeneration
• Sanitizing chlorinating feature
• No raw water bypass
• Choice of media for hardness, iron, manganese and pH correction
• Larger brine tanks, safety floats and salt grids available
• Multi-tank configurations
• ASME approved tanks

Softening Media/Capacity Specs
Water-Right commercial water conditioners are offered with three different media options:

HCR Systems — (High capacity softening resin media)
• excellent for removing hardness
• high efficiencies
• long-life performance

HC1 Systems — (CR-100 Crystal-Right Media)
• removes iron
• removes manganese
• removes hardness
• raises low pH levels
• excellent filtering

HC2 Systems — (CR-200 Crystal-Right Media)
• removes iron
• removes manganese
• removes hardness
• excellent filtering