New Products for 2012

Weathermatic announces the SmartLink Wireless Landscape Network. SmartLink allows you to gain access to your controller at any location you have internet access. From your PC, iPad or iPhone you can take view, start, change and shut of your controller. And the Smartlink Aircard is easy to install and activate. This is a web-based control for about 50 cents a day. With Smartlink you can save labor & gas by reducing trips to controllers. For a demonstration on how this new technology works, call 616-396-1956. One of our sales associaties will be glad to demonstate how easy and affordable this new product can be.For more information contact us or go to

Alliance Outdoor Lighting 
Alliance Outdoor Lighting continues to increase their product offering year after year. A greater selection of lighting fixture for LED and Incadescent lamps as well as Transformers with lower wattage for smaller LED applications. Landscape lighting is a great way to add beauty to your home at night. Enjoy the evening walk by enhancing the look on the investment you made in landscaping around your property. Lighting around your walkways, patios and deck are a great way to provide a safe and enjoyable setting for entertainment. To view the new 2012 Alliance Outdoor Lighting catalog, go to 

Atlantic Water Gardens
Let us help you with your water feature needs. From fountain to pond supplies, we can provide you with the product you need. Atlantic Water Gardens has added some very inovative and creative product to their quality line of product. The TidalWave Mag Drive Pump is a perfect choice for the smaller water features. The Color Changing Colorfalls with the new weir design allow more water to flow through withile the new light bar creates mor vibrant colors in 16 new shades. The redesigned Eco-Blox provides the same amount of storage, with improved strength and durability. To see the full line of product we have to offer, go to

Armada Technologies
Wire & Valve Locators, Soleniod & Clock Checker, Ground Fault Locator, Multimeter and Tone & Probe Kits, Armada the tools every landscape and irrigation contractor needs. New for 2012 is the Pro 800 Hi-Power Wire & Valve Locator. This unit has a 12v Rechargeable Battery, Broadcast Non-Connected Locating Mode, Improved AC Noise Regection, 20% More Power Output and many more features. To see the full line of Armada tools, go to